Influence of Winter Sports on Casino Games and Gambling Industry

Shortly about Real Winter Sports

As the name already tells you, winter games sports refer to any type of divertissement, recreational activities, pastime or games played during the winter season where there is snow. Most of them are also extreme games as they involved some risk or are adrenalin rushing type of activity.

Historically, these games emerged from the transportation needs of a man during the winter season when everywhere is covered with snow making it difficult or impossible for other means of transportation to be used. With the improvement in technology, ice or snow can be manufactured for the purposes of these sports. Thus, it is possible to enjoy them outside the wintertime and in locations that have no snowfall.

Examples of winter games are ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowboarding, team sports, snowmobiling, snowbiking, snow drifting and many more. A good number of these winter entertainments are available in different variations. However, they differ in their popularity. One of the most common and widely played types is snowboarding. Introduced in the 1960s, this game looks very similar to skateboarding, surfing, and skiing. It was included in the Olympic games in 1998.

Common Tips for Beginners and Pros

Getting the required protective gears: Before you play snowboarding especially if you have no experience with the game, you need to get your protective gears including the helmet, lacrosse shorts, mittens and wrist guards. The importance of using this equipment cannot be overemphasized. Get ready for falls for a multiple of times during your initial days on the snow. It can be painful and without the protective wear, you may have a serious injury.

Determine which foot to put forward and the one to be placed backward: Placing the wrong foot forward or backward can result in a fall. There are two ways to find out your stance. First, the foot you ordinarily use in kicking a football is the one to place back on your snowboard. The other one will be the forward one. Alternatively, you can tell your friend to give you a light push from the back. The foot you first put in front to prevent yourself from falling is the one to place in front while standing on a snowboard. Normally, if you are right-footed, then your left foot should be the lead foot and if you are left-footed, your right leg will be in front.

Play with your heel edge: your heel should be stamped deeply on the snowboard while the rest of your body should face downhill. Use your toes to press down as you release your weight from your heel edge. The board will start going. If you want to halt, just firmly press down your heels so that your weight will be on them.

Move with the eyes: As the snowboard is moving, you will be going towards the direction of your eyes. Put differently, go where you look.

Weight shifts: Progress by practicing weight shifts moving from the heels, the toes and the entire body. Move your right shoulder to be at equidistance between both feet. Now rotate the shoulders as well as the head towards the left until it makes an angle of about 180s with the head going backward.

Snowboarding and other winter games are not only forms of exercise but also exciting and thrilling like gambling games. They are good recreational activities. So check the strategies in gambling – Guide to Gambling Strategies

Risk Addiction of Winter Sports and Casino

Risk Addiction

One of the drawbacks of winter sports like snowboarding is that it can result in addiction. Sensation seeking commonly known as risk addiction is not only associated with snowboarding. Gamblers can also suffer from it as these activities can affect the brain chemistry resulting in the release of dopamine which is a pleasure causing hormone. This hormone also induces the release of adrenalin when it is secreted in a high amount.

Apart from the earlier findings that thrill seekers have dopamine deficient, studies by researchers of Vanderbilt University in Nashville and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY city found that the brains of risk-taking enthusiasts don’t produce sufficient amount of dopamine-inhibiting receptors. Their ability to control the release of dopamine can make them to always want to engage in extreme sport.

Other thrill seekers including gamblers are also vulnerable to risk addiction in a similar manner with extreme sports buffs because of alteration caused by these entertainments in their brain chemicals. They are both classified as Type T personality known for pleasure-seeking. People with T personality are adventurous and fun-seekers. They always look for pleasure and make it happen wherever it is possible. The reason for this as a theory explained it is that they have a low level of dopamine secretion.

Extreme sports players spend a lot of money on the purchase of their sport wears just as casino players spend a lot of money on betting.

Extreme Sports Transferring to Online Games and Gambling

Today, extreme games like snowboarding are gradually becoming part of the internet gambling industry. People today play video games inspired by these winter sports and also gamble on them just as they do with other casino games like table and dice games.

Sports Betting

A number of betting sites feature extreme sports such as surfing, skiing, snowboarding, and others. Some of the popular competitions being betted on include World Surf League Champion, Ski Jumping World Cup, Winter Olympics, FIS World Championships, and others.

Newest Technologies in Winter Games

Snowboarding and Skiing Video Games

Numerous snowboarding and skiing video games and titles have been released over the years including the following:

Name/Title Developer Features
Steep: Road to the Olympics Ubisoft Makes it possible for extreme sports enthusiasts to take part in the 2018 Winter Olympics’ slopestyle, half pipe, downhill skiing, big air etc. They can choose to wear their country’s jersey.

It is compatible with Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox

Wii Fit Ski Jump Nintendo’s Hiroshi Matsunaga Works only on Nintendo Wii

It comes with multiple variations of different kinds of extreme sports including yoga

Ski Resort Tycoon II Cat Daddy Games Ability to develop your own resort with shops, lifts, and slopes.

Capable of saving the strayed client. Capable of night skiing.

Line Rider inXile Entertainment It has flash, Microsoft Silverlight and online versions. Comes with simulated physics. Easy input method

Casino Slots Based on Extreme Winter Sports

Here are some examples of winter sports slots you can play:

  • Winter gold slot offered by Microgaming and released during the 2010 winter Olympics. It features a good number of extreme games’ symbols such as ski jumps, speed skaters and bobsleighs. The star symbols that provide impressive rewards are free spins include Gold Medal and wild winter gold logo.
  • Ski jump game inspired by the Quickfire platform of Microgaming is provided by the Genesis Gaming. It features 5 reels and 10 paylines. The reel symbols are wild icons, trophies, Olympic medal, helmets, bouquets, ski boots, goggles, skis, ski boots etc.

Impact of Winter Sports on Gambling

Progress of Entertainment Industry

The gaming industry has witnessed impressive progress over the years. Today, a lot of extreme sports have been put into video games. Thus, apart from the ones mentioned above, thrills seekers have choices including video games such as FIFA 18, NBA 2K18, Madden NFL 18, MLB The Show 18, Wii Sports, Rocket League, Wii Sports Resort, EA Sports UFC 3 etc.

Newest Technologies in Gambling

Virtual reality gaming is the newest gambling technology that has revolutionized the gaming industry today. The remarkable features of this technology are that it offers players video games in a three-dimensional environment which they can interact with during plays. These games come with bio-sensing that detects the presence of a person. The technology brings improvement in the audio and virtual appeal of games. There is a new diversion to the interaction between the players and the characters when they put on the VR headset. It is more engaging and no longer requires you to stand in front of a screen for hours.

Competitions in Casino and Video Games

A lot of extreme sports tournaments are offered in the casino industries. Here are some of them:

  • Winter Olympics skiing
  • World Cup Ski Jumping
  • World Cup Biathlon
  • World Cup Cross Country Betting
  • World Cup Alpine Betting
  • World Skiing Championships