Handbook of All Casino Games

Sometimes you can get lost in the striped modern gaming industry, the plenty of new amusements and lucrative offers. If you want to shuffle some cards or spin some slot machines, read this review and get acquainted with betting activities and their peculiarities. Make your choice reasonably.

Casino games, however, have never been a trend of today. In fact, gambling has been an integral part of human reality since very ancient times. It traces back to Paleolithic age, when primitive tribes guessed on, for instance, the hunting outcome and other rituals. The first ever gaming house was built in the 15th century.

Table Games

These casino games, alongside slot machines, have become the most popular gambling activities. The first records about table betting amusements trace back to the 15th century when Baccarat was invented.

Why do people play all of these activities so often? The answer is that they bring people most of the thrill and, if lucky, thousands of dollars. Besides that, these activities belong to those of skill.

This means the aspect of luck plays a minor role in comparison to gaming machines, for instance. With decent skills, you can make a fortune, playing Poker or Blackjack. This is what attracts players. The exception is Roulette, where you can only think of what numbers to bet on.
BJ games


Blackjack is the modern version of the Twenty One game. The ultimate goal of the game is to reach 21 points within two cards before your opponent. Your cards value should not exceed 21. Face cards have three value of 10. Others – their original value. Aces can be counted as 1 or 11. There are several variations of this amusement:

  • American. This is the classic version with the default rules.
  • European. Here, the dealer shows the second card after the gamer does the first turn.
  • Multihand. As understood from the title, you are to play with several card hands.
  • Single or multiple decks. While mostly, you are to play with up to five decks, the single variation allows the only deck. It is far more lucrative for predictions and strategy.

In addition, numerous tournaments are held. Onsite and online casinos arrange competitions within huge prize pools of millions of dollars. There can be local tournaments or large international competitions.


Baccarat is a quite simple card game. While playing, you can stake on three outcomes: Player, Banker, and Tie. The party wins when it gets the total number of 2 cards as close to 9 as possible.

The casino deals the cards, so there is a presence of randomness in the game. And, in addition, the “Banker” bet has higher odds and wins. But the gaming rooms pay 95% of this bet. Speaking of the rules, they resemble those of Blackjack a little bit. Face cards have zero value. Numerals have their original values and aces equal 1. When your total exceeds 9, you need to take away the first digit. For instance, if you have a total of 14, drop 1. Thus, the final hand value is 4.

The game has 3 variants:

Chemin de fer is the classic variant. Banque. Here the “Banker” IS actually the person with the largest bankroll. Punto Banco. It is a pure random similarly to Roulette and your aim is to guess what bet is going to win.

The tournaments can reward you with thousands of dollars. $100,000-$600,000 is a prize at middle competitions. And since this is almost the game of chance, each player is under equal conditions. You can participate in monthly and yearly competitions easily.
Handbook of Casino Games


Roulette is a great wheel of Fortune. There are red and black numbers and 2 or 1 green zero on the wheel. You place a bet on the number(s) you choose. The dealer spins the roulette and you hope it stops on the right spot or combination. The maximal paying odds are 1 to 36.

Why do so many gamers play this amusement? It is simple, thrilling, high paying and has a decent number of variants. Try online variations such as live dealer, mini, multi-wheel, double zero, French, European, and progressive types of this amusement.

Poker Variants

Poker is a serious casino game. Besides its strategic potential, the game is the symbol of success in gambling. Those who aim to make a fortune on card games, choose this one. International tournaments gather thousands of people and prize pools measured in millions of dollars. There are over a 1k variations. The most popular are Texas Hold ’em, Omaha Hold ’em and Five-card Draw/Stud.

It is played with a standard single deck. The playing hand consists of 5 cards ranked from the highest to the lowest. For instance, the best possible hand consists of 5 the same-suited cards.

Dice Games

The most popular casino dice games include:

  • Craps. Basically, there is a table and a pair of dice. Before rolling and throwing them, players make stakes. This is theoretically a game of chance, but practically some people master to throw the bones to make them land smoothly. And this allows them to win more often.
  • Pai Gow. To play this game you need a special set of dominoes. The regular ones do not fit the amusement. There are 32 tiles with 2-12 spots on them forming 16 pairs. Each tile has its value and ranking. The goal is to pick up the highest value.
  • Sic Bo. This is very similar to craps. But here the player uses 3 bones instead of 2. You should throw them on the special board with numbers depicted on it. The bets are placed on the combinations of numbers resulted after throwing the bones.

Gaming Machines

The first gaming machine appeared at the end of the 19th century in the US. It was based on Poker and the reels actually spun the cards. These one-armed bandits were placed in taverns and did not pay money but rewarded local visitors with beverages or whatever products in the menu. Later on, classic fruit machines and many other variations entered the gambling industry.

The gameplay is ridiculously simple. Put cash into the facility and spin the reels spending the coins. The online slots work similarly, however being incomparably diverse.


In the gambling industry, slots include physical machines operating in onsite casinos and digital applications available on the Internet. The latter comprises countless titles by giants of digital gaming. On the Internet, you can enjoy classic, themed (Egyptian, oriental, marine, etc.) and brand games (Marvel, DC and other franchises).

They appear to be much more profitable and attractive to players due to the plentiful and complex bonus system. However, on the other side, the primary disadvantage of such amusements is pure randomness and relatively low payouts. Each amusement is adjusted to pay off a certain percentage of the cash pool. This is called Return to Player percentage and it varies from 90% to 98% on an average.

This means the winning sum is ALWAYS smaller than the wasted one in the long term. In the short term, however, there is a chance to gain some profit. Casinos organize tournaments and usually, the goal is to gain as many points as possible within a fixed period of time and a limited amount of coins.

Video Poker

There is a digital variant of Poker. The rules and the gameplay are similar to the traditional version. The dealer, however, is a processing unit of the physical machine or the facility owned by a casino website. Both things are driven by Random Number Generators. So, this is a combination of fortune and skills.


Video lottery terminals look pretty much like slot machines. However, they determine the winner in a slightly different way. There is a certain pool of numbers, much like in the case of a conventional lottery. The outcomes are programmed beforehand. On the other hand, the winning chances stay always the same. And they are immensely low. This is what we call II class gambling machines. For the gamers, this mechanism still does not differ from the RNG mounted in a slot machine (III class). You should be a chosen one to win a jackpot since the chances reach 1 to almost 14 million. You can win small prizes quite often, but it does not make much sense because of average 80%-90% RTP.

Bingo and Keno

Gamblers often prefer other lottery-like games:

  • Bingo. Usually, it is a group amusement. The players buy sheet-like cards with number and B, I, N, G, O letter matrixes. There is a caller who randomly picks up balls from a draw-machine which correspond to numbers and letters on the card. The balls match your matrix. If you are lucky you will get a winning combination and a cash prize. The jackpots are huge (millions of dollars), but their chances equal to a meteor killing you during the jogging session.
  • Keno. The principles are the same. You buy a card-ticket with numbers from 1 to 80. The drawn numbers should correspond with those on your card. To get a jackpot, you need to match 20 digits, which may not happen until the death of the universe.