The Fundamentals of Snowboard- And Ski-Themed Casino Slots

Skiing and snowboarding are among the top popular winter sports and pastimes all around the globe. This is why game developers release lots of casino slot machines devoted to winter sports. Winter resorts all have casinos within their territory and give visitors an opportunity to spend fun time playing slots and other games.

Thus, every gambler who loves sports, and every athlete who loves gambling can hit the slopes and then go to the gaming room to conquer new peaks and win big money.

This time we are going to tell you everything about the ski-themed slots. Keep reading and find the best games for you.

Snowboarding Slots Games Types

The winter sports slot machines stand out from others due to the rich choice of titles. Whether you prefer breathtaking stunts and high speed, or peaceful airing high in the mountains, you will definitely find something to your liking. Game developers offer hundreds of ski- and winter-themed slots of various types. Generally, you can choose from movie-based, Olympic Games-oriented, cartoon-styled, and fantasy games with imaginary characters.

Ski-Themed Casino Slots

Winter Olympics Games

Winter Olympics is an epic event with hundreds of athletes performing breathtaking stunts. Why not become one of them in the game and win a jackpot?

Some slot machines were released by the date of the Winter Olympic Games. For example, the Winter Gold title was released by Microgaming right before the 2010 event in Vancouver. This game features ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and other Olympic sports. With it, you will be able to win a super-prize of 400x your bet.

The Winter Olympics slots offer funny gameplay solutions. For example, the Ski Jump Slot by Genesis Gaming offers an in-game skiing event where you need to perform big jumps. If you perform perfect jumps, you will be rewarded with multiplied winnings which can be as large as the reward for a gold medal in the Olympics.

Games with Funny Animals

Sometimes, we all want something unique and winter slot machines do offer extraordinary games with funny characters. Here is the list of slots where animals are featured as action symbols:

  • Ski Bunny by Microgaming. The story is centered around a female bunny skier. The action takes place at the winter resort with the bunny hitting the slopes. When you manage to hit 3 bunny skiers, you will get a 500x multiplier to your bet.
  • Winter Sports Slot by Portomaso Gaming. In this game, Antarctic penguins do winter sports. The penguins are wild in all senses and give you a progressive reward. It increases with each bet.
  • Ice World by Booming Games. The Antarctic ice terrain is full of frozen prehistoric fish and equipment lost by explorers. Perhaps, the explorers were eaten by the huge mysterious yeti and the fish is preserved as a meal for hungry years. Nobody knows it for sure.

Cartoon-based Games

The casino game studios release hundreds of titles for cartoon lovers. Such slots feature amazing 2D and 3D graphics with a perfect deep-colored high-resolution image. For example, the Board Babe slot by Arrows Edge features a snowboard girl at the resort high in the mountains. The reels, the background, and the main character are depicted in candy colors.

The arched interface buttons look like candies as well. These features combined with the snowy scenery produce a special charming impression of a fairy tale taking place somewhere at the North Pole. The fairy tale may become real with a progressive jackpot of $35,000 at a minimum.

How Developers Implement the Ski-Related Concept

Winter-related casino games indeed entice players with their special atmosphere. What exactly makes these slots so special? Game developers put a lot of effort to create such titles and make them popular among gamblers. It requires a thoughtful approach which is based on years of dedication, marketing, and design experience as well as tons of technologies. Software suppliers focus on style, music, plot, and symbolism. Let’s consider all these aspects.

Introductory Video

A lot of winter sports slot machines start with introductory videos. As the name suggests, these videos introduce you to the plot of the game. For example, the already mentioned Ski Jump Slot starts with a video showing the athlete preparing for the life-changing event. It is a prologue to the in-game event where the athlete struggles to perform a perfect jump. Therefore, we can see how the story begins and what to expect from the game.

General Design of the Game

The game studio usually includes a team of artists and marketing specialists. They work together to develop an appealing game style, which will act as a magnet for the winter sports audience, and will fully satisfy its needs. There is a popular opinion that jackpots and payouts attract players the most.

Of course, the reward size plays a huge role in the success of a certain slot machine. And wintry slots do have jackpots. On the other hand, people choose them due to their style primarily. People choose these games, when they see familiar things and want to associate themselves with these things.

The key features that make these games so attractive to winter athletes, snowboarding and skiing fans are represented in:

  • Background scenery. Spectacular mountain scenery with snowy hills and cliffs, pine trees, and ski lifts does its job.
  • Interface. We can see a “frozen” interface in the majority of wintry titles. All the buttons and reels are covered with ice, snow or frost.
  • Animation. The animation may not relate to the winter theme directly. However, it is always smooth and appealing to the eye. Players press the spin button to see the reels dropping, spinning, the symbols sparking and moving. Therefore, you feel visual satisfaction.

Inspirational Music

Inspirational Music

Background music and sounds play a huge role as well. They make the game more engaging and interesting. The game sounds are divided into:

  1. Sound effects. They include the sounds of reels spinning, symbols dropping, etc.
  2. Background music. Its energetic tone and fast beats inspire a player to succeed in the game.
  3. Winning sounds. These sound effects inspire a player to earn more wins. Their rewarding nature makes you believe that you do the job well and need to continue.
  4. Game ambient. Very often winter resort hustle, yelling fans, whistling coaches and other atmospheric sounds are included in the games for better immersion.

Sports Related Symbols

Winter sports-related games usually include goggles, snowboards, skis, boots, helmets and other equipment as in-game cards. The details are critical when it comes to the overall impression. In-game symbols contribute to the immersion into the winter atmosphere. They can also reward players while being wilds and scatters.