Top 5 Ski Resorts with Casinos – Perfect Combination

If you are fond of placing bets somewhere in the mountains, there are plenty of opportunities for combining both gambling and snow sports. Winter resorts accommodate a rich entertainment section within their territories.

And many of them hold gambling houses. Now it is high time to speak of the best resorts with the best casinos.

Risky Sport – Risky Games

Gambling and snow sports have some things in common, which are risk and eventuality. When you book a ticket to the resort and try to get on perfect weather it is a true wager. Besides that, non-snowboarders or skiers will name sliding downhill the slopes an incredibly dangerous activity. Similarly, non-gamblers will not understand those who place bets.

At this point, winter sportsmen and casino players resemble each other. They are risk-takers. And often they love both slopes and gambling. And that is why staking rooms in the territory of a winter resort are a well-taken deal.

Great Range of Ski Resorts with Casinos

So, let us provide you the list of the best destinations and staking houses they can offer to you. Release your passionate nature and take double thrill. Shred the daytime powder, enjoy SPA, eat delicious meals and continue taking adrenaline once again at night in the gaming room. Make your vacation a vibrant and memorable experience.

Megève, France

This is a peaceful and quite atmospheric place in the south-east of France. If you prefer freedom and sliding on clear pistes, this resort is a perfect place. You will have an opportunity to ride on over 400 kilometers of fresh powder.

Besides skiing, there are many ways for spending your time with interest and joy. Play tennis and bowling. Enjoy casino games and buy souvenirs in the nearby town.

Resort Features

The resort is evaluated as a 4-star one. The altitude of the mount starts at 1050m. The highest point is 2350m which opens a breathtaking mountain panorama. You can slide 1300 meters downhill.The facilities include 86 lifts and therefore comfortable lift at any time. The terrain is equally good for newbies, advanced riders and experts. There are 188 course tracks for all tastes and preferences.

Casino Megeve

Casino Megeve

The whole resort stands out from others by its architecture. It is fabulous and charming. The wooden facilities make the impression of a Northern pole and the Santa’s homeland. The casino in Megeve perfectly fits this atmosphere since it is designed in the old style as well. It is a popular place and attracts players from all over the globe.

The casino accommodates 60 slot machines and 8 tables for Blackjack and Roulette.

Chamonix, France

This resort belongs to the oldest European winter sports destinations. And it is known for a large off-piste area and extreme runs. Valley Blanche, a 20-kilometer backcountry terrain is the longest In Europe. The town of Chamonix offers a fascinating experience for travelers to familiarize themselves with the authentic French culture.

Resort Features

This four-star winter resort is rather for intermediate and advanced riders. It offers 85 course tracks and over 300 hectares of terrain for snowboarding and skiing. Comparing with the previous resort, this one provides fewer lifts.

There are 50 lifts. On the other hand, the Mont Blanc attracts by its height of 4,807 meters. It is the highest mount in Europe. And the resort’s top is situated at 3,275 meters. The sportsmen have a chance to slide more than 2,000 meters downhill, which is a challenging run.

Casino Barrière

Casino Barriеre

The gaming room has a long history since it was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. The premise is decorated according to the canons of Chalet style. The casino offers 52 slot machines and 7 video poker machines.

You will be able to enjoy both classic themes and top-end innovations with a perfect design for strategic planning. Also, the casino offers 4 roulette tables and two restaurants on the ground floor. This staking house is a place for a thrilling and at the same time delicious pastime.

Davos, Switzerland

The ski resort in Davos is famous for spectacular mountain scenery, entertainment infrastructure, and the entertainment sector. Visit the town of Davos and enjoy numerous theatres, museums, luxurious restaurants, casinos and many more. On the other hand, amusement and nightlife are quite expensive here.

The slopes are primarily for the experienced riders. But will be okay if you only begin your snowboarding or skiing adventures. There are lots of local snow sports schools.

Resort Features

The four-star resort is located at the altitude from 810m to 2844m. The terrain extends into 120 hectares and 320 kilometers of course tracks. There are 85 runs and most of them perfectly fit advanced snowboard and ski fans. The longest run has a length of 12 kilometers.

Davos has 57 lifts including 15 trams and 29 surface lifts. Some think it is not enough. There are several terrain parks with numerous facilities for both beginners and experts. Enjoy halfpipes, long rails, and high jumps.

Casino Davos

Casino Davos

The casino Davos is situated within the Hotel Europe. It has everything the players need. Enjoy diverse bright and shining one-armed bandits, Poker, Blackjack and Roulette tables. And also, you can win a mysterious jackpot during the play. There is a bar in the gaming room right between the tables and the slots. Take a rest with your friends and refresh your mind with a sweet smelling cup of coffee.

Kitzbühel, Austria

The resort offers the biggest area for winter sports in Austria. It suits everyone and anybody’s style. 24 kilometers of challenging terrain is what attracts the large flow of risk-takers. In addition, Kitzbühel is a medieval town with unique architecture and history.

Visit the St. Catherine’s Church and get an unforgettable impression from the Gothic towers and high spires. But there is a lot of space for dizzying entertainments including gambling.

Resort Features

The four-star winter resort will pleasantly wonder you with immense opportunities. It is located at 800 meters above the sea level and the 54 lifts can get you up at 2000 meters.

Enjoy the endless 567 hectares of slopes and 68 long runs. The longest one takes 8 kilometers to complete. The resort prepares 179 kilometers of groomed pistes for your adventures. It offers 200 kilometers of backcountry area which is a real paradise for freeriders. And freestylers are welcome to perform stunning tricks at terrain parks.

Casino Kitzbühel

Casino Kitzbühel

Being at the casino Kitzbühel, you will place bets in the building which is 740+ years old. The gaming room is situated within the medieval hotel, a heart of the resort. Enjoy 80 slot machines, 15 Roulette and 4 Blackjack tables, Baccarat and Texas Hold’em. Enjoy the corporate events, parties and topnotch food service.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

The skiers and snowboarders will find everything they want – backcountry, parks, long runs, and perfect pistes.

It is an excellent choice for beginners, as well as for experienced skiers and snowboarders. It is a good place for peaceful family skiing and aggressive backcountry powder shredding. Garmisch-Partenkirchen town is a great place not only for winter sports but also for nature explorations. Visit the Partnach Gorge and Zugspitze, the dream of hikers and the highest mountain in Germany.

Resort Features

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen resort covers 49 hectares of terrain at the altitudes from 720 meters to 2050 meters. The destination has an overall score of 4. It features 17 runs and 40 kilometers of pistes for all kinds of riders.

It is especially good for children to get acquainted with snowboarding and skiing. Also, enjoy the terrain park with features of different difficulty. To get to the top, you will be using 17 lifts and 4 of them are trams.

Spielbank Casino

Spielbank Casino

This gaming room eclipses the rest casinos within the winter resorts. It accommodates 150 slots. Play the table games as well. There are Texas hold’em tournaments arranged every Friday and Saturday.

Besides exciting games and competitions, the staking house offers its own restaurant and bars. Make a pause and order the meal of your dream.