Legendary Snowboarding Records

Snowboarding is a spectacular sport. We really enjoy watching the sportsmen flipping in the air or curling the hard snow while sliding downhill. The professional snowboarders do all those tricks smoothly and with ease.

But this has never been so easy. And when it comes to records, they really push their limits and go beyond sanity. This time we shall name the world records set in this amazing winter sport.

The Longest Rail

Snowboarders do not usually bother size. But in this case, the size really measured their skills. The Nitro team set two world records at once. They built the largest rail ever and rode it to the end in 2015.
They grinded an incredible 84 meters of steel. This was not an easy challenge. The first attempt finished with failure. Basti Ritting, the one to break the record, said he could not finish it because of the intense friction which melted the board. But the second time, they did it in Australia the same year.

The Highest Jump

There are various ramps at winter resorts such as halfpipes, quarterpipes, hips, and superpipes where snowboarders perform air tricks. We shall name all the records holders:

  • Chris Haller. He is a Swiss professional rider. He performed the highest jump reaching the altitude of amazing 11.3 meters above the air hip in Watles mountain in Italy.
  • Terje Håkonsen. He set the world record, making a 9.8 meters air over a quarterpipe. He masterfully made a 360° backside turn. That happened in 2007 in Olso, the capital of Norway.
  • Shaun White. A versatile person in the full sense. Being a successful musician, skateboarder, he truly gave a hundred and ten percent to snowboarding. He made a stunning air of 7 meters at Winter X Games in 2010 in Colorado, United States.

The Longest Jump

It happened in 2005 in Norway, the Viking’s motherland. It offers wonderful snowboarding winter resorts, including the outstanding Hemsedal. It is famous not only for great piste and backcountry tracks but also for the world’s longest jump on the board.

And the record holder does fill the bill. Mads Johnson, the Norwegian snowboarder, performed an incredible jump covering the huge 57 meters gap. He made a frontside 360° jump and landed snowing all his mastery. That is an unbelievable result since nobody has beaten him for 14 years so far.

The World’s Fastest Snowboarder

The sportsmen set and beat speed records more often. Yes, it is a little easier than performing long jumps. But still, it is insanely difficult. Today’s world speed record in snowboarding belongs to Edmonton Plawczyk.

He brought glory to Vars, a ski resort in southern Alpen, France. In 2015, he reached a maximum speed of 203 kilometers per hour. If it does not impress you, imagine the common speed of 39 kilometers per hour.

Edmond prefers to ride his board 5 times faster. However, the maximum speed on ski was 255 kilometers per hour. But average skiers ride at 44 kilometers per hour, and this is due to ski shape.

The Most Vertical

Since 1994 nobody has dared to repeat this. Tammy McMinn, a Canadian rider snowboarded 93.124 kilometers in Atlin. This was during heliboarding. This specific activity means getting to hardly reachable backcountry terrains by helicopter. Indeed, this is an experience any snowboarder wants to gain.

Imagine the virgin snow where nobody has ridden before. Tammy made 101 descents within 24 hours. This practice is however prohibited at any winter resorts worldwide since it is incredibly dangerous. But this fact only contributes to Tammy’s legendary adventure.

The Biggest Snowboard

Have you ever thought of riding with your friends? Sure, you have. And you spend time with your friends at winter resorts. But we mean hitting the slopes with your fellows on a single large board.

One creative guy, Arnold Schindler, came up with this decision in 2007. He constructed the largest snowboard in existence. As claimed, this monstrous board can offer a place for a friendly company of about 20 people.

It is 2.15 meters wide and 10 meters long. But there is also such an invention for a single rider. Signal Snowboard factory built the longest glide. It is 3.04 meters long in 2014. The team tested it in Mammoth Mountain.

Most Medals Won

Shaun White, again, is the most outstanding snowboarder in history so far. During his career, he won 21 medals in total. His favorable event is Winter X Games, where he won 13 gold, 2 bronze and 3 silver medals from 2002 to 2013.

He started his career at the age of 7 and before that, the young legend practiced skiing. So, he is an embodiment of snow surfing indeed. By the way, Ubisoft Montreal released a game, Shaun White Snowboarding, after his name.

The Youngest Olympic Gold Medalist in Snowboarding

There are two teenagers who won gold medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics. They are both Americans and the youngest snowboarding athletes to win the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Both started their career in early childhood.

Red Gerald, 17, became a champion in Men’s Slopestyle and Chloe Kim won Women’s Halfpipe competition. Chloe Kim, by the way, took the first place at FIS Snowboarding World Championships this February in Utah.

The Youngest Snowboarder

Well, Internet publications and social media mention 5-6 year children doing professional sport. But this kid beat all the expectations. The toddler stood on a snowboard in 2014 being only 10 months old. We cannot even imagine how this became possible, but this is true.

Her name is Aspen Haight and she is from Colorado. Some foretold her great snowboarding future, but parents changed the direction for the growing child. She is occupied in swimming now.