The Best 10 Mountains for Extreme Snowboarding

Snowboarding is one of the most fascinating and captivating sports. Newbies get excited while trying some beginner slopes. But experts often want to try something extraordinary. And that is why some black tracks no longer make their blood boil.

They want to conquer new elevations and shred new inclines. And here is the top 10 most extreme mountains for totally mad snowboarders. These are the best places for daredevil snow shredding.

10.Aiguille Rouge, France

Aiguille Rogue mount is a part of the Vanoise Massif in Western Alpes. It belongs to the Savoie department. The area of the destination belongs to Les Arcs snow resort. It covers 1,853 acres of the terrain perfect for snowboarding.

Although the expert piste comprises 35 of 237 runs, all of them are really challenging. Besides that, the resort’s backcountry area is among the hardest, the most unforgiving in the whole Europe. That is why it is so loved among extreme snowboarders.

Also, you will be able to go downhill through the 1,619m slope. The highest elevation is at 3,199 and the bottom lift stands at 1,580 m. Check out the weather conditions carefully, since the average snow depth is 240 cm which can easily bury you alive.

9.Whistler Area, Canada

There are two great mountains in British Columbia, Canada. Whistler snow resort covers the wonderful snowboarding area of Whistler and Blackcomb mounts. You can switch between two peaks by a comfortable direct gondola.

This allows you to experience 35 black and 20 double black runs within 2,200 acres of exclusively steep terrain. The whole snowboarding area covers 8,171 acres. This is the largest snowboarding destination in entire North America.

The top lift of the first mount is at 2,181 m and the second highest elevations are at 2,436 m. The resort has 37 lifts in total. That is pretty good. It allows the lifting capacity of 65,507 visitors per hour.

8.Whitetooth, Canada

Whitetooth Mountain is located in British Columbia, Canada. The peak rises at 2,448 m. This is the territory of Kicking Horse snow resort.

More than half (60%) of the runs are advanced and expert. The terrain is full of chutes, elevations, pits, and forest crops. The average snowfall equals 7 m per year with a snow depth of 170 cm. Enjoy the overall terrain of 2,750 acres and the longest run of 10 km.

The area is great for maneuvering between trees, risky jumping from sharp slopes. There are 5 lifts. If you want to ride a snowboard on the backcountry snow, you can easily get to the highest elevations by helicopter.

7.Mammoth Mountain, USA

Mammoth Mountain is located in California, USA. It is enwrapped with 150 runs including 50 black routes of the Mammoth snow resort. Snowboarders can get as high as 3,371 m and go downhill to the base at 2,424 m.

The lift system of 28 units transits 50,000 people per hour, so there will not be any problems with getting up. You will definitely be excited with the breathtaking steepness of the expert slopes. Enjoy the numerous chutes, dips, and knobs.

There is a lot of snow as well with the average depth of 571 cm and the snowfall of 10 m a year. If you get into the dip full of fresh powder, there is a high risk of suffocation. So be ready to get out of the powder captivity, if there is anything.

6.Mt Baker, USA

Mt Baker is relatively low with a top lift of only 1,551 m. But it is famous for the extremely harsh and steep expert runs. Chutes, dry powder, crazy dips, and moguls are those magnets which constantly attract risk-taking snowboarders.

The annual snowfall reaches 16 m. It is the world highest average rate. The resort area of the same name also holds the record of the biggest snowfall ever recorded in the world. During 1998-1999 29 m of snow have fallen there. The destination offers 10 lifts and 31 runs.

5.Rendezvous Mountain, USA

The Rendezvous mountain is famous for being one of the most challenging terrains in the USA. Iris located in Wyoming. This snowboarding destination is owned by the Jackson Hole resort.

50% of the area suits exclusively to very experienced snowboarders. Only 10% of the runs have beginner rating which is perfect for risk-takers. The top lift will get you the altitude of 3,184 m. The 1,261 m of vertical drop with the average 35% incline will give you the maximum thrill. And beware of the 170-300 cm snow depth.

The resort, however, offers only 12 lifts. But this will hardly spoil the overall impression. Perhaps, after a couple of extreme descends, you would rather dream of a warm sunny beach.

4.Lone Mountain, USA

Lone Mountain is located in Montana, USA. Its monstrous peaks elevate at 3,404m high. The annual snowfall can fill the slopes with more than 10 meters of fresh powder. The incline reaches 40 degrees which will definitely make you sweat.
These experts will enjoy double and even triple black runs at the summit of the mount. The power altitudes gave a home to Big Sky snow resort. It offers 36 lifts to the very peak.

You will be pleased with 300 routes with a length of 136 kilometers in total. Most of the runs are black. All these things are a perfect match for daredevil boarders.

3.Monte Rosa, Italy

Monte Rosa is the second highest peak in the Alps mountain range. It is located between Italy and Switzerland. But the Monterosa Ski resort stands within the Italian boundaries. The highest elevation is at 3,275 m with a 2,063 m vertical drop to the 1,212 base.

There are 37 lifts which will quickly deliver you to the elevation of your choosing. The resort’s expert runs comprise only 6 slopes. But we know you want to release all the adrenaline your body can produce.

For this purpose, go to the Alana village part of the mountain range and prepare to test yourself on backcountry. The chutes, moguls, and dips are waiting for you. Bear in mind an insane incline of 50 degrees on an average.

2.Penken, Ausrtia

This devil peak rises in Tyrol, Austria. It is a part of the Mayrhofen snow resort alongside with Ahorn mountain. Its top lift rises at 2,500 m and the bottom one stands at 630 m. It offers 57 pistes within 22 km of black tracks.

You can literally faint while descending the Harakiri slope. This is the steepest run ever with a 78-degree incline. This makes it one of the most dangerous tracks of all. It has the length of 1,500 m and the highest point at 2,081m. This is number 2 only because the Harakiri route is groomed.

1.Crested Butte, USA

Crested Butte Mountain has freaking crazy inclines of over 50 degrees. The terrain is incredibly steep. It is situated in Colorado. The Crested Butte resort is the destination is your choice. Its top lifts are located at 3,618 m high.

The bottom lift is also quite high and reaches 2,685 m. The weather is generous for snow. The snowfall of 11.4 meters per annum is a common thing. Snowboarders ride on 85 tracks and the whole area covers 1,073 acres of slopes. Be ready to descend from a 55-degree drop!

Nearly a kilometer of the vertical drop with an insane incline is what makes this terrain a deadly one. Enjoy the double black runs with speaking names such as Dead End Chute.