Top 10 Snowboarding Mobile Games Apps

What is winter? It is an amalgamation of cold, snow and low heavy clouds ready to drop another portion of snowflakes. Sometimes winter can be SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder is what makes us feel blue in winter. Some people fight against it with the help of chocolate, cookies, and tangerines. This food increases the serotonin pathway. But why actually escape winter?

You can release your happy hormones with captivating snowboarding games. There are many interesting offerings available for your Android and iOS devices making your gaming experience especially cozy. And they are totally free. Dig in your warm lap blanket, take a cup of tea and start riding on the slopes.
Mobile Apps

Alto’s Adventure

The action takes place in a snowy peaceful sleepy village. Playing a snowboarder, discover the blizzardy hills, fairytale forests, and ancient ruins. The game gives you a chance to jump over the roofs of the houses, release lamas and ride on the constant-changing terrain, overcome downfalls, hit combos and earn points.

There is dynamic lights feature within weather change and realistic physics. You will never be bored since it is a 2D endless runner game. It is easy to master as well. Get maximum relaxation by eye-touching design and ease of control over the action. Download it via Google Play for free and App Store for $4.99.

Crazy Snowboard

The title speaks of itself. Smash zombies and snowmen while hitting the slopes! You can meet even elves. Unlock new riders and boards. There are 13 riders and 13 snowboards available. All of them have a unique design. Play 30 missions and perform 16 crazy tricks.

If you get visual satisfaction when your character picks a chain of in-game items on the road, this app is definitely for you. You can grind numerous candy canes, boxes, and other items. It is completely free to install on your Android and iOS device. Enjoy hitting the slopes!

Shred It!

Everything is made of paper here. The terrain is sheet-like surface and you actually shred it with your board. The trees, the main character, and other stuff are also made of paper. The developer knew what they did. It is hardly possible to quit this game since watching the endless canvas being slit.

Perform wonderful tricks and maneuver between various obstacles in 3D. The control is easy and convenient. Slide up and down to make the rider jump or slide. Hold on the left and right sides of the screen to turn left or right. Everything is simple and cool at the same time. Install it on your iOS or Android phones and tablets.

Skiing Fred

The world of Skiing Fred is a total chaos. Jump over the obstacles and perform unbelievable ricks. By the way, there is a free-style control system which allows you to make unique tricks. How the character moves is totally up to you. Be the real rider and show your mastery of snowboarding. Show the reaper who is daddy here.

Unlike other games, this one is full of dangerous traps and things ready to pick up you in a flash. Customize your Fred and boost his abilities to escape all the obstacles. Complete challenges and get coins. Get this game on Android and iOS.


Ski Safari 2

Sleepy Z Studios created a sequel of Ski Safari and it is even better than the original! “Add for cool stuff” sequel rule works perfectly in this game. Now, there are even more unique gears for your characters. Unlock snowmobiles, new ski, and snowboard and escape the devastating snow slide. The control system allows you to perform 360 amazing tricks.

Ride mammoths, dinosaurs, eagles and penguins! Yeti is on board! Oh, wait you may ask what dinosaurs do in the snowboarding game. Enter the “Jungle challenge” and you will see! Also, you can play with your friends via Wi-Fi. Compete, complete the challenges with up to four players. Do not hesitate and install this captivating game from Google Play and App Store ($0.99).

Snowboard Hero

Snowboard Hero is a “must have” for any fan of winter sports. Highly-detailed smooth 3D graphics, 6 playable characters, 8 unique terrains, and 66 thrilling events are waiting for you. Customize your characters, increase their performance such as speed, jump height, skillfulness, and boost. Unlock special stuns and jump over numerous obstacles.

Dress up your riders in an advanced outfit and supply them with enhanced gear. There are several disciplines where you can try your best skills. Complete time trials and races against other riders. The game is easy to master due to intuitive controls. Get it on your Apple Store. By the way, you can play it on your TV-set via AppleTV AirPlay.

Snowboarding The Fourth Phase

Based on the movie released in 2016, this game gives you the chance to conquer the virtual slopes with the legendary crew from the movie. Become a pro snowboarder, catch their attention and join their team! Improve your equipment and build your own base camp. Get snowmobiles, drones and even helicopters.

Dominate the snowy mountains. The graphics are stunning and the controls release you from headaches. Make long jumps over the mountains, slide with insane speed and make daredevil tricks. Since you will always be on the spot, make sure your character looks really good. There is a huge space for customization. Dress up in a new outfit and get new boards. Get this application on Android or iOS and be the greatest snowboarding celebrity.

Snowboard Master 3D

Being offered exclusively for Android users, this game opens spectacular mountain views and makes you feel like you are really on the slopes. This application will please you with highly-detailed realistic graphics and dynamic lights. The great equipment choice includes outfit and boards fitting every taste. Hit the slopes with high speed and do crazy tricks. There is even such mad staff as the airframe. Jump over ramps and slide on tracks alongside rivals in a race mode. Download the app for free from Google Play.

Snowboard Party

Hit the slopes on your smartphone and tablet as if it was a real experience. The game offers 21 terrains to show insane tricks and skills. Ride not only your custom snowboard but set up your own key combinations. The game features a configurable control system. In addition, it is compatible with the gamepads.

Choose among 15 riders and customize them according to your preferences. Improve your board and enhance your performance. The application has the tutorial on 50 exciting tricks. Play freestyle, halfpipe, and big air modes! The app is available for Android and iOS.

Snowboard Party: World Tour

A sequel of Snowboard Party game is what you need in winter. This app has already conquered the hearts of snowboarders. But what features does the sequel offer? Here they are:

  • New race mode. Compete it as fast as you can.
  • Extended soundtrack pack. Enjoy new music!
  • More equipment. Choose among 80 unique outfits, 50 boards and try new character skins!

Unlock the secret Big Head mode!

Despite fee-based ($9.99) version for iOS, the game has become even more captivating. Hurry up to try it!


Good winter sports applications can make your day especially if there is nothing to do outside because of the blizzard and mad cold. We have provided you with the top snowboarding games and hope you will enjoy them and boost your serotonin levels. And furthermore, games are not only fun but also sharpen your reaction and improve motor skills.