Guides for Online Snowboarding Games

We all love video games, especially when we can play with our mates. For us, gamers, there will always be a couple of hours for our favorite title per day. However, playing requires a goal; and our goal is to win a session by all means.

Seasoned gamers have no problem beating rivals, and they always take the top places. But, what if you have just installed a title on your PC or a gaming console, or have played it for a short while? The easiest way to become the top player is to read a guide.

These manuals are written by experienced players who have spent thousands of hours in a game improving their skills. Here, we would like to introduce the guides on popular snowboarding games. You will learn about the best strategies, tricks, and cheats.

1080 Snowboarding Guide

1080 Snowboarding is a legendary racing game for all winter sports fans. It was released back in 1998 exclusively for Nintendo game consoles. It was remastered in 2006 for Nintendo Wii. There are both a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode allows 2 players to participate.

Single Player offers 2 race and 2 trick mode variations. While completing races, you need to cross the finishing line as quickly as possible. You can perform tricks here, but they will not ensure your victory. When you enter trick missions, you need to earn as many score points as possible for completing the stunts. There are 8 trick levels in the game. You can choose from five characters:

  1. Akari Hayami. A Japanese rider is good at balancing and jumps. However, she is the least powerful. She is slow as well. This character suits for tricks primarily.
  2. Dion Blaster. He is British. Dion comes with high speed and power. He is clumsy and poorly handled. Take him for speed races only.
  3. Kensuke Kimachi. He is also a rider from Japan. Kensuke is a well-balanced character with good speed, handling, power, jump, and balance.
  4. Ricky Winterborn. A Canadian guy with a self-explanatory surname was born to perform tricks. He is the best in jumping and handling.
  5. Rob Haywood. A rider from the USA, Rob is the best character. He is able to reach higher speed and balance than

Guide on snowboarding games

Control Buttons

The best input device you can use for this game is the original N64 controller. You are supposed to use it in this way:

  • “A” button. It is responsible for performing jumps. When you press and hold it, the character jumps higher and higher. For how long you can press it depends on the character’s power. The more power the character has, the longer you can hold the button and the higher it can If you press it quickly, the jump will be too insignificant.
  • “B” Button. It is used for performing basic tricks like grabs. Hold the direction you want and press “B” to perform a grab you want.
  • You use it for moving your character in the right direction.
  • “C” directional pads. They are used to change the viewpoint. The “Up” button is used to change the camera position for the 1st person view and for the 3rd person view in the middle/max height. The “Down” button is used to look behind.
  • “R” button. You use it for spinning in the air. Experiment with it and perform various stunts.
  • “Z” shoulder trigger. You use it for acceleration. The character inclines forward a little and crouches to reduce the air resistance. When you push it in the air, you are unable to perform stunts.

Game Locations

There are 6 locations in the game:

  1. Crystal Lake. It is a short course with a plausible terrain. It has several ramps along the way. Some of the ramps, closer to the finish, are used for performing tricks. Gain speed and be ready to do jumps.
  2. Crystal Peak. There are several obstacles along the way, and the ramps are placed closer to the finishing line.
  3. Deadly Falls. The course is super-dynamic with numerous ramps.
  4. Dragon Cave. It is excellent for making high air jumps even over the mountain.
  5. Golden Forest. A good map for a number of complex
  6. Mountain Village. It has the largest jumping area of all races. However, this map is a little bit unrealistic due to the fact that you can slide on the pavement and grass.

Unlocking Secrets

Certain game content is unavailable in the beginning. To unlock the Deadly Fall location, you need to complete a match mission at the “Expert” level. To try the Deadly Cave location, you need to complete 5 races at the “Hard” difficulty level.

However, the first thing you should do is to enter the training mode and perform all the 24 tricks. When you complete them all, go select “Tahoe 151”, push the “Down” C pad and “A”. Great, now you have the perfect Penguin Board. It is super-fast, super-maneuverable and super-stable.

There are 3 secret characters you can also unlock:

  • Crystal Boarder. This character is superior to normal ones. To unlock it, you need to finish the Expert mode. Then, take Akari Hayami, push the “Left” C pad and then push “A”.
  • Golden Boarder. You need to finish the match route at the “Expert” level, go take Kensuke Kimachi, push the “Up” C pad and then “A”.
  • Panda Boarder. It is the ultimate character in the game. This time it will take some doing. Once you complete all trick and time missions with the highest possible results, and all contest races within top 3, you can get this boarder. Select Rob Haywood, push the “Right” C pad and press “A”.


Wise players make use of game exploits. You can get the penguin board right in the training missions. Start with any snowboard and character available. Then, while in the air, push the “Right” C pad and select the locked complex trick. When you land, the game counts this as if you have managed to do the complex trick. It will be now unlocked. Repeat this with other difficult stunts.

You can also start with a speed boost. Press the “Up” C pad once the countdown timer gets to 1.

Big Mountain 2000

Big Mountain 2000 is a skiing and snowboarding video game that has also been made exclusively for Nintendo 64. It was released in 2000 in North America. But initially, the game was released in 1998 in Japan.

This time, players can perform all tricks and jumps, complete races using both skis and snowboard. The game has a single mode and a multiplayer mode. The number of players available in the multiplayer mode is limited to 2.

You can also customize the design, clothes, and equipment for each character. Each item influences the parameters like handing and speed. Also, by gaining new experience levels, you unlock the abilities and improve your character.

Gameplay and Controls

There are 3 game modes:

  • Championship. The goal is to become the first in the race.
  • Time Trial. This is a pure speed race and you need to finish it before the time is over.
  • Multiplayer. As it was mentioned before, you can play with a real person with the screen divided into two sections.

The game has 4 progress levels. Each of them includes 3 races. You need to complete them with both skis and snowboard.

Speaking of the controls, the N64 controller remains the best input device. The input commands are as follows:

  • It is used for directing your character. Also, while jumping, you can perform various tricks.
  • “A” button. It is used to make the snowboard/skis cut the snow harder for sharper turns and slow down the board.
  • “B” button is used for performing jumps.

Types of Race

There are 3 race types in the game. The first one is a free ride. In this mode, you need to become the number one in the race. You compete against other AI snowboarders. Also, you can run out of time if you fall and damage yourself. There are checkpoints along the course and each of them gives you additional seconds.

The second mode is Slalom. You start at the top of the hill. Like in a real-life event, you need to pass all the gates while sliding down the hill. The first missed gate takes away 1 second of your time. The second one takes away 2 seconds, and the third one takes 3 seconds. After the fifth time, each consequent gate takes away 5 seconds. There is no need to go through all the gates. All you need to do is monitor your time and cross the finishing line as early as possible.

The third mode is Giant Slalom. It does not differ too much from the regular Slalom event. However, there are fewer gates down the hill and therefore each missed checkpoint takes away more time.

Tips and Strategies

Here is important information to consider while playing Big Mountain 2000:

  • Follow the AI racers if you want to take the first place. AI chooses the most efficient route. Do it until you learn the course tracks.
  • Do not quit the race before the finish. Even if you understand that you are losing, complete the mission anyway. Each finished track earns you experience points. You can spend them on improvements.
  • Make sure your character level matches the equipment stats. The character speed and handling parameters indicate how well it can deal with the equipment. For instance, if you take a high-level snowboard, which can move faster than your character stats allow, you will lose control quickly. The same is true for the remaining equipment. Or, when your character has higher performance than the equipment you use, you will not be able to enjoy the full potential of your rider.
  • Try to always slide within the path boundaries. Like in any other race game, the exact route allows showing the maximum performance.
  • While completing the Slalom events, try to go through as many gates as possible at the early stages of the race. This will allow you to pay less attention to the remaining time when you get closer to the finishing line.
  • Use high-level clothes regardless of your boarder level. When you hit obstacles, you damage your character and slow it down. To reduce the impact, choose high-level clothes which adds to your damage resistance and acceleration abilities.

What about the strategy? The best approach is to spend more time in the game until you bear in mind the entire map and automatically make the right turns, tricks, etc.

Unlocking Secrets

Once you complete the 24 races, you will unlock the mirrored course tracks. To get the mirrored race, click on it and push the “Z” shoulder trigger. After finishing all the mirrored course tracks, you will find out that you have unlocked 3 secret racers. Complete the tracks as a disco artist, a robot and even a bear.

You can unlock all levels at once as well. It works from the level selection screen. You need to hold the “L” button, then rapidly push the “Z” trigger and the “Up”/”Down” C pads. If you manage to do this at the first try, you are lucky!

Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding

Twisted Edge was released in 1998-1999 for the Nintendo 64 game console. It has a distinctive multiplayer mode. The two-player screen is divided vertically. This allows the players to feel more comfortable while performing air tricks. This design was a bit unusual at the release time and for the game console.

The single-player mode has 3 variations:

  • Competition. There are 5 difficulty levels from Novice to M Each level will have more rivals, and the course tracks will become harder to complete.
  • Practice. This is a kind of training mode where you can improve your skills and experiment with the stunts.
  • Stunt Challenge. In this mode, you need to complete complex stunts and gain as many points as possible.


Similarly to the previously mentioned titles, the N64 controller is all you need. However, in-game physics is less complicated. There is no need to take care of the speed since the rider accelerates on the move until it reaches the maximum speed. The control buttons are as follows:

  • It is used for steering.
  • “A”, “B” buttons, “Z” trigger and “C” directional pads are combined to perform stunts.

Game Locations

The game includes 6 course tracks:

  1. Big Jump. This is a special event where you jump out of a helicopter. The route comes in the form of a straight line.
  2. Easy Slider. This route is indeed easy. The whole track is open and straight.
  3. Funky Town. It is available after you complete all other tracks. It has a very sharp turn in the beginning. The rest of the route is quite straight.
  4. Glacier Gulch. The route is difficult and full of tricky paths.
  5. Splash Down. This route is curvy and has a half pipe.
  6. Twisty Canyon. This track is straight like in Easy Slider. However, AI snowboarders are challenging here.


You can enable cheats via the game sound menu. Use the button combinations to activate the codes after you set the necessary values. Press the needed buttons after you highlight the special effects option.

Desired Effect Special effects volume (SFX) Music Volume Music Test Speech Button
Easy routes 2 7 6 On L
Normal races 5 3 6 Off R
Mirrored course tracks 6 1 6 On L+R
Hard races 2 5 4 On Z
All players unlocked 1 4 2 Off “Right” + ”Down” on the C pad
Boss board 3 6 4 Off “Up” on the C pad
Midway board 4 8 5 On “Left” on the C pad
Art boards unlocked 1 5 3 On “Left” + ”Up” on the C pad
Night mode 8 2 5 On “Z” trigger + “Up” on the C pad
Midway mode 4 2 3 On “Z” trigger + L
Long credits 2 2 3 Off “Up” on the C pad
Stunt credits 3 1 7 On “Z” trigger + “Down” on the C pad
Grow 7 8 5 Off “Z” trigger + “Left” on the C pad
Ant 6 1 1 On “Z” trigger + “Right” on the C pad
Board Only 5 7 2 Off “Z” trigger + “Down” on the C pad
No board 8 0 4 On “Up” + ”Left” + ”Right” on the C pad
Ghost1 6 4 5 On L + R
Ghost2 8 0 3 Off R + “Up” + “Down” on the C pad
Ghost in replay 8 8 7 On L + R + “Down” on the C pad
Helium 7 0 1 Off “Left” + “Up” + “Down” on the C pad
Tiny boarder 7 7 5 On L
G boarder 4 6 6 Off “Left” + “Right” on the C pad + R
Canada 0 4 7 On “Z” trigger + “Up” + “Left”  on the C pad
Light 1 5 6 Off L + “Up” + “Left”  on the C pad