Celebrities’ Risky Activities

Famous people, as a rule, have decent capital. And, frankly speaking, they do a lot of weird things to attract attention or have fun. And today we will gossip a little bit about their leisure time. Many of them love risking and gambling. Have you just thought about casino games?

Well, yes, but there are much more to come! Almost all famous actors and actress are fond of snowboarding. Why actually this sport belongs to gamble? Well, it is all about laying odds! You may never be sure of good weather when you arrive at a resort.

Seemingly to betting, a tempting wait for perfect weather conditions will make you nervous. And even more, staking and furious riding on the slopes give them what they need the most- adrenaline rush. So let us discover who and how much do they spend on wages and boards.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is an American actor, a millionaire who was the most paid on a television screen. His career was incredibly productive and he acted almost every single year. By the way, he screened in Friends TV series in the episode “The One with the Chicken Pox”.

His career was as saturated with events as his private life and free time. Let us find out what he managed to do in gambling and how he died while conquering the slopes.

Charlie Sheen


Amateur Snowboarder

Charlie was passionate about speed and snow. He used to maneuver between Christmas trees. But one day he crushed in a tree and died. At least, he was reported so. Fortunately, he survived since he was wearing a helmet. Safety is first and foremost.

Temptation to Playing

Charlie experienced really difficult period in his life. At that time our actor with poor publicity was suffering from alcohol and heavy gambling addiction. When it comes to compulsive gambling, it hardly can be named passion. It is a real disease.

Sheen managed to lose around $200,000 every single week. That was one of the reasons he got divorced. How could he spend so much? As he explained, he was unsuccessful in sports to that degree, when even his bets constantly failed.

Ben Affleck

Does Ben need to be introduced? Well, he is a filmmaker and encapsulates two superheroes in one – Batman and Daredevil. Also, Affleck was actually the guy who canceled Armageddon with Bruce Willis. He likes conquering the slopes and casinos. However, his distant past was sometimes full of cringe. He wrote a guide on condoms for teenagers. And he starred in Burger King commercial.

Ben Affleck

Ski Resorts – Just What He Needs

Ben is a big fan of ski resorts. A hot-tempered personality needs a cooldown. His passion for show whispered him to buy a residence in Big Sky winter resort in Montana. He is also a member of Yellowstone Club. And he spends really much on that. Imagine it costs around $300,000 to join the club. He rides alone, with other celebrities and also with his ex-wife.

High Roller’s Hobby

Perhaps there is something in his superhero nature since he was incredibly good at casino games. He mastered counting cards and was nearly unbeatable. His success was so wasteful for gambling houses, that he was even banned from playing Blackjack.

It is interesting fact since betting rooms, claiming they give you massive winnings, ban successful players when they start winning big. Being a professional in gambling is against the rules.

Another fact – the claims about the reason for his divorce with Jennifer Garner are actually fake (he says so). The main issue was alcohol addiction, but not a gambling one. Our Daredevil-Batman was good at 21, but his superpowers were useless against Poker. He has never won largely in this game.

Pamela Anderson

We know Pamela Anderson for starring in TV series Baywatch and Home Improvement. She became famous also thanks to her hot figure and posing for Playboy magazine. She actually started her public career as a model.

Our lady is not only one of the hottest celebrities, but also an activist. She speaks out against the fur industry, poaching, and animal tests. She loves nature and all creatures great and small.

Our top line actress loves risk and adrenaline as heartily as animals.

Pamela Anderson

First Steps to Snowboarding

You can buy a snowboard with Pamela-in-bikini print. It costs $1,499. Pam herself started snowboarding in 2009 in sun-drenched California. Yes, she approached this creatively. Her equipment consisted of a board, boots and stripped skimpy dress.

Hot-tempered Nature

Playboy and Baywatch star loves gambling. She is excited with slot machines and Poker.  As a rule, many rumors surround Pam. She was said to have told about her casino debts in Las Vegas. Well, many people take loans from gaming rooms to place bets again. But this case is special.

Supposedly, Anderson had a sexual encounter with a man to cover her debts. He proposed and she accepted immediately. Some sources say there was no sex between them. It is a kind of speculative question and nobody knows the truth.

However, what happened for sure is her Poker Game release. The title is BamPoker and you can play via Facebook. There are no bets for real money since this amusement belongs to social gambling.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather Jr is undefeated millionaire boxer. He started his professional career in 1996. There were couple-year hiatuses in boxing. The real hype was in 2017 when he fought with Irish martial arts champion Conor McGregor. As the result, Floyd ended a fight with 50-0. Now he is planning a rematch with Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Snowboarding for Leisure

Between 2015 and 2017 Mayweather traveled to Dubai. That was the period of his retirement from boxing. He enjoyed the luxurious exotic life, swimming in warm water near his yacht. And also he posted photos being at Dubai Ski resort. He got into winter sports and was quite good at riding a snowboard and skiing on the slopes.

Conquering Vegas

Mr. Mayweather had incredibly wasteful nature. His $50 million casino debts speak of it clearly. He decided to come back and thus cover this insanely huge sum. However, sometimes he was on a roll having brought thousand dollar Poker jackpots.

But still, he could not manage to conquer Las Vegas. It is hardly possible to beat a gaming room. Floyd tried to bet $400,000 on himself before the upcoming fight with McGregor. But this sum was not the biggest. Once our boxer placed over $12 million and lost.

Justin Bieber

Justin started a singing career in his childhood. Being a young talented pop star he quickly earned popularity. Some fans have an unhealthy passion for him. Once he cut his hair, he sold it on eBay for around $40,000. It sounds ridiculous. Some people really wanted a tuft of his hair.

Also, the pop star co-worked with beauty care products has launched a nail polish line under his name. The sales were on a cosmic scale. It is wonderful considering that everyone seems to hate Bieber… at least on the Internet.

Justin Bieber

Enjoying a Winter Sport

For most people, it is a bad news to see him riding on the slopes. It is no accident since he does dull things all the time. One of the confusing accidents was the time he signed his initials by peeing on snow. Another situation showing his impudent nature refers to New Year’s Eve. Mr.

Bieber as large as life wished for renting an entire mountain. Thank heaven he was not allowed to make such nastiness. Just imagine the individual’s selfishness and feeling of exceptionalism. He had to bow his head and ride like lesser mortals.

Justin «Playing Cards»

Bieber used to play Poker in numerous American and Great Britain casinos. He placed bets with Floyd Mayweather and other celebrities. Fortunately, his gambling habits have not turned into addiction yet. However, considering who he is, it is likely to happen in the future.


There is a kind of connection between celebrities’ hobbies and occupations. The more they earn the more they spend. All of them love to risk to some extent. And all of them love slopes and casinos. While winter sports make you smarter, intensify your reaction and improve your physical state, betting is the opposite.

As you see many stars face big problems after becoming gambling addicts. They ruin their relationships and get into large debts. On the other hand, their significant advantages are money, fame, and acquaintanceship with dominant figures.

They save them from severe decay. If you do not belong to the higher society, your casino experience will likely be destructive for your life.